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PMI Consulting Group, orginally started in 2003 as J-PMC Consulting, is a worldwide network of psychologists, communication specialists, marketing experts, and HR professionals dedicated to providing companies with systems that build high performance organizations through measurement, training, and consulting. Based on more than 20 years of research and consulting with worldwide organizations, PMI's programs are perhaps the best and most methodical way to build a highly engaged organization and customer base. PMI's systems lead to direct improvements in Employee Engagement, Sales, Growth, Increased ROI, and Retention.

In contrast to PMI, most research, consulting, and training firms specialize in trailing indicators, which is analyzing past trends, assuming the past will accurately predict the future. What makes us different is that we are obsessed with prediction. We use past data only as a stepping stone to determine which variables will lead us to the future. 

In our world, we can help you see what will happen in the next quarter, the next year, or as far as the data will lead us. PMI's clients include Fortune 500 clients in the areas of finance/insurance, airlines, heavy machinery, high tech manufacturing, medicine, multinational communication firms, pharmaceuticals, call centers, and F&B.

    Our Executive Team: 

     -Dean Fujii, Senior Vice President

     -David Washiko, Senior Managing Consuultant

     -Matt Fifer, former Director of International Marketing for Wal-Mart, Inc.  (Seiyu)

     -Dr. Masahiro Sakamoto, Department of Physiology, Toho Medical University

     -Dr. Kye Song, Senior Research Consultant, Chungnam University

     -Nobou Shiobara, former Honda Giken PR Manager

     -Dr. Jay Kim, Senior Researcher, former Dean of the School of Business at The 

      Ohio University 

Charles Pribyl, Executive Managing Consultant

Pribyl, serves as Executive Managing Consultant for the PMI Consulting Group, with a background in communibiology and psychology from the University of Colorado. He is a permanent board member of the Japan Society for the Research on Emotions, and was the 2010 Japan Representative for the International Applied Psychology Association. Before joining J-PMC in 2003, he was Managing Consultant at the Gallup Organization.  He received the highest client feedback scores of all consultants in Asia and was in ranked in the top 5% worldwide.

Pribyl led the first research team to ever map the brain of highly engaged consumers with an fMRI machine in a groundbreaking research project called “The Neuroanatomy of Brand Addiction.” Pribyl’s research has been featured on the front page of the New York Times, and in the bestselling book “Human Sigma: Managing the Employee-Customer Encounter.” He has written two books in Japanese and authored more than 25 published research papers in the areas of communication and psychology, including Social Intelligence, EQ, emotions and motivation, employee engagement, customer engagement, communication competence, email and sms communication strategies, and a full range of psychometric offerings.

Contact PMI at: info-pmi@j-pmc.com


J-PMC/PMI Consulting has established relationships with specialists worldwide, including statiticians, writers, editors, researchers, and language specialists we can draw upon as needed. 

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