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More On Predictive Analytics


How 'Predictive Analytics' can build organic growth

J-PMC has more than a decade of experience in creating and using brain and genetic mapping, novel forced-choice question structures, and other unique methodologies and analytic techniques to create consumer and employee engagement models.  The research that started the foray into predictive analytics was the work 'The Neural Basis of Brand Addiction: An fMRI Study.’ Our brain mapping research article was rated a 'Top 3% Research Study' out of 16,000 articles at the 34th annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience Research. Our seminal research and subsequent programs formed the basis for several high-profile articles in The Harvard Business Review and The New York Times.

Consumer behavior is not easily predictable

Loyalty and engagement occurs for reasons which are often beyond rationality, but are forecastable if the right predictive analytics are used. Small sample size, unclear questions, and traditional measurement tools too often result in analyses which point to misleading answers.  PMC is uniquely qualified to conduct predictive analysis, as we have well more than a decade of creating and using brain and genetic mapping, likert-style, forced-choice and other unconventional methodologies and analytic techniques to create the most-widely used consumer and employee engagement models. As a pioneer in cutting-edge behavioral prediction methodologies, J-PMC offers  a powerful way to analyze data. Instead of explaining what happened last month or last year, we use data to identify areas for future growth which cannot be discovered in a normal data analysis. Other than simply lowering the price, J-PMC’s predictive modeling offers clients the knowledge of what will drive customer retention and which variables can be manipulated to increase market share, increase profit, up-sell. In other words, predictive analytics will explain the most influential behaviors which will drive demand

The Big Difference: Reporting | Analysis | Monitoring  |  Prediction.

Some data is more valuable than others. If you are presented with hundreds of pages of Reporting and graphs from a prior quarter, of course there is some information of use, but if the report is to eight to twelve weeks old, most of the issues mentioned in the report have been festering for at least one quarter, often more. It's nice to know about last year’s problems, but there is little to create added value for the company. The report is simply allowing you to follow-up on old problems. After eight weeks, your best customers are already starting to search for alternatives.
Reporting is low level analysis, and it has little business value. Analysis has slightly more business value than does reporting, and is slightly more complex. Monitoring is more complex than analysis, and involves more business value than does analysis, as the issues with monitoring provide real-time monitoring, and offer higher levels of business value.
But if a system can be analyzed through the lens of Prediction, issues before they occur, the process would be much more complex, but would also be of immense business value. J-PMC provides business intelligence on consumer behavior before it happens, and the results are high in complexity (complex statistics), and the business value is extremely high as well (millions of dollars in potential new business).
Compared to analyzing and monitoring, predicting is more likely to be composed of specific actions or services which are more closely tied to the ego or the emotions, such as Recognition. Items which do not expressly elevate or separate the individual from others are less likely to cause a significant increase in engagement. Addressing the Ego is key to emotional involvement. Starting with a thorough organizational audit, PMI will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.  Next, PMI Analytics uses the science of predictive analysis and emotionally-based, statically superior methodologies to help organizations develop a structure of success through, hiring, consulting, training, marketing research, and communication services.  Our consulting interventions are geared to align the organization to achieve perfect Customer Engagement (CS) and Employee Engagement (ES) in every part of the organization.


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