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Predictive Analytics -- Insight into the Future 

 Predictive Analytics and Predictive Hiring

 Reduce waste on churn by 50%, increase sales by 10% to 60%

You spend valuable time and money waiting for research results which never meets your expectations.  Your data offers no clear roadmap to sustainable results. 

To break a never-ending circle of disengagement, PMI offers custom predictive analytics for marketing, customer engagement, and employee engagement, driving more customers to your business, and helping guide your organization with data-driven, predictive analyses to increase productivity, performance, and engagement. Predictive Analytics transform your business to determine what drives future results, and provide a game plan to build performance.

Interviewing, Recruitment, and Hiring

Used incorrectly, job boards are simply an out-of-control experiment.  Job Boards are not improving the quality of applicants; they are only increasing the number of applications to sift through. As a result, the talent pool remains virtually unchanged year after year, as the number of disengaged employees, 80%, remains stagnant. The result?  Disengaged employees are unhappily serving disengaged customers using the wrong game plan. Our solution is Predictive Analytics for Interviewing, Recruitment, and Hiring.



Most common marketing metrics are generally useless.  Are you using NPS or Satisfaction Scores?  Might as well stop, as the 20/80 rule has come and gone, and the new reality is more likely 50/50:  loyal and disloyal customers generate the same amount of income.  In other words, using loyalty as a benchmak does not work, as half of your customers are loyal but not satisfied.  The true predictor of value is engagement, and the emotional component of behavior is being ignored.  

The NPS is even more unstable. There are two ways to get to a 20 NPS: 20 percent promoters, 80 percent passives, and 0 percent detractors, or 60 percent promoters, 0 percent passives, and 40 percent detractors. A company with 20 percent promoters and 0 percent detractors is very different than one with 60 percent promoters versus 40 percent detractors. Instead, we offer insight into how to predict and bring in engaged customers with Predictive Analytics for Marketing.



If your employees were hired for a job and they are not performing up to expectations, training will not help employees perform better.  Employees can grow only the they are being trained and mentored with the emotional template from which they see the world.  So instead of focusing on 'weakness' or 'skill gaps' which rarely if ever change, PMI focuses on identifying and nurturing the strengths of the organization all the way down to each employee and customer.   Our solution is Predictive Analytics for Training. 


How is Disengagement, Sales, and Profits Linked?

Many companies rationalize turnover and customer disengagement is an inevitable cost of doing business.  Some companies believe that front line employees, even though they are the first and final touchpoint with customers, are unimportant and pay them little.  However, there are two basic reasons that causes customers and employees to leave, and the costs can be easily monetized.  

According to The Gallup Organization, the top two reasons given for employee turnover are: 

1.The immediate manager. If employees report that their manager's expectations are unclear; or that their manager provides inadequate equipment, materials, or resources’  

2. Poor fit to the job. When employees perceive that they don't have opportunities to do what they do best every day (2008)

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the cost of replacing an employee at one-half to five times annual salary.  So if an average of 30% of employees quit, and their average pay is $52,000, the annual loss to a 600-seat call center is more than eleven million dollars. 

PMI offers a data-driven system on which to benchmark and hire high performance employees. Our models are custom-built screening surveys, able to predict superior performance at levels that are difficult to match.  


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