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Predictive Analytics -- Insight into the Future 

PMI offers a data-driven systems for change management and hiring. Our models are custom-built projects, able to predict superior performance at levels that are difficult to match.  


The emotional responses we measure for predictive hiring and change management enablers are the most suitable for prediction, because instead of situational factors which often change, we measure trait-like factors.  When employees are faced with situations ranging from the basic to the complex, trait-like emotional responses provide the trigger responses which guide employees to make sense of their environment.   This basic emotional response guides the personality and behaviors to respond in predictable ways, as trait-like emotions and responses do not change drastically over time. These ‘predictable’ responses can be helpful to the situation if they are appropriate and improve the business, but are detrimental if not.  Thus, it is of critical importance to understand which set of emotions is suited for various positions in the organization.



If your employees were hired for a job and they are not performing up to expectations, training will not help employees perform better.  Employees can grow only the they are being trained and mentored with the emotional template from which they see the world.  So instead of focusing on 'weakness' or 'skill gaps' which rarely change, PMI focuses on change management programs and also on identifying and nurturing the strengths of the organization all the way down to each employee and customer.   Our solution is Predictive Analytics for Training. 


How are Hiring, Sales, and Profits Linked?

Many companies rationalize turnover and customer disengagement is an inevitable cost of doing business.  Some companies believe that front line employees, even though they are the first and final touchpoint with customers, are unimportant and pay them little.  However, there are two basic reasons that causes customers and employees to leave, and the costs can be easily monetized.  

According to The Gallup Organization, the top two reasons given for employee turnover are: 

1.The immediate manager. If employees report that their manager's expectations are unclear; or that their manager provides inadequate equipment, materials, or resources’  

2. Poor fit to the job. When employees perceive that they don't have opportunities to do what they do best every day (2008)

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the cost of replacing an employee at one-half to five times annual salary.  So if an average of 30% of employees quit, and their average pay is $52,000, the annual loss to a 600-seat call center is more than eleven million dollars.


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