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J-PMC Now Provides Service in Indonesian

(October 26, 2015)

November 15, 2015 (Tokyo-Denver-Singapore)

PMI/J-PMC Consulting is pleased to announce that the EQ Testing Systems are now available in Indonesian.  Working with language and culture experts in Indonesia, PMI spent more than 6 months to ensure the EQ Questions and results fit Indonesian culture, and also measure EQ accurately.

The results so far have proven to be very effective, the qustions are easy to understand and answer for applicants, and measure EQ as accurately as in any of our other languages.

For more information, please email <pmi-Indonesia@j-pmc.com>


J-PMC expands into U.S. West Coast

(January 15, 2015)

J-PMC is please to announce that its key services, EQ hiring and training programs, along with new services including Employee Engagement and EQ Surveys, are now available on the U.S. West Coast.  With offices in Denver and colborations in Los Angeles, J-PMC is poised to help both domestic and international corporations with their hiring and screening needs.

For more informatio contact PMI at: pmi_info@j-pmc.com

Good Employee Index Developed

(August 17, 2010)
J-PMC is pleased to announce the development of the 'Good Employee Index,' which measures the potential engagement of applicants for hourly jobs for which a full analysis cannot be achieved, where there is no clear performance data available or there are no incumbents from which to make a custom profile. 
Research shows that applicants who score high on the Good Employee Index will display higher levels of loyalty, get along better and develop deeper stronger relationships with colleagues, peers and supervisors when on the job. This makes the Good Employee Index ideal for companies which want to hire employees whom they know they can trust to do a good job, everyday.
Analysis from J-PMC's massive database shows that the Good Employee Index can predict, at 75% or better, that an applicant who scores high, will (1) Be able to set goals for themselves, (2) Motivate others to do a better job, (3) Enjoy working with and helping others, and (4) Have high levels of communicative ability. 
The Good Employee Index takes only 10 minutes to complete by web, and the results are available immediately.
For more information on The Good Employee Index, available in Japanese and English, please contact Dean Fujii (dean.fujii (at) j-pmc.com) at J-PMC Consulting (03) 6860-8565, Charles Pribyl  (charles_pribyl (at) j-pmc.com),  or by calling PMI at: (818) 924-5075.

High Performance EQ Training Now Available

(March 03, 2010)
 J-PMC is pleased to announce a new High Performance EQ Training Program(c) to improve the productivity and performance of teams, divisions or whole organizations.
The new program, derived from the J-PMC NEQ(c)  survey, provides detailed feedback and action items on the critical areas of Self Management, Other Management, External Optimism and Internal Optimism.  Pleae feel free to contact J-PMC for more information

Spanish and Thai Version of the EQ-NP Validated

(November 30, 2013)
J-PMC is pleased to announce that it has completed the development of three new EQ tests available in Spanish and Thai Languages.  Following an exhaustive validity study, J-PMC now has its key instruments, the EQ-NP, the NEQ, and the EQ Manager Quickcheck available for use in Spanish and Thai.
The EQ-NP is designed for use to screen large numbers of applicants quickly, with the ability for corporate users to check results in real time. The NEQ, an EQ hiring tool designed for non-hourly employee selection, offers an insight into the strengths of candidates based on four key EQ dimensions. The EQ Manager Quickcheck offers employers a screening tool to test if candidates possess the traits needed to be a team leader or section manager. The Quickcheck is based on the themes identified in the research as important for successful lower level managers or team leaders.

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