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Spanish and Thai Version of the EQ-NP Validated

J-PMC is pleased to announce that it has completed the development of three new EQ tests available in Spanish and Thai Languages.  Following an exhaustive validity study, J-PMC now has its key instruments, the EQ-NP, the NEQ, and the EQ Manager Quickcheck available for use in Spanish and Thai.
The EQ-NP is designed for use to screen large numbers of applicants quickly, with the ability for corporate users to check results in real time. The NEQ, an EQ hiring tool designed for non-hourly employee selection, offers an insight into the strengths of candidates based on four key EQ dimensions. The EQ Manager Quickcheck offers employers a screening tool to test if candidates possess the traits needed to be a team leader or section manager. The Quickcheck is based on the themes identified in the research as important for successful lower level managers or team leaders.
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